Printed AIRTEX® Block Out Fabric – We offer a full turnkey service of Graphic Design, Print and Supply on this product.

Our custom printed fabric solutions are suitable for:

  • Retail Application
  • Commercial Application
  • Decorating Application
  • Advertising Application
  • OOH Media Application (Malls, Retail, Entertainment Venues…)

AIRTEX® Custom Printed Fabric Solutionsairtex

AIRTEX® magic FR duo (Grey back) is a digitally printed fabric with a coated light grey back and a weight of just 330 g/m². The surface has a textile texture, which allows the fabric to radiate a certain naturalness and homeliness. The vinyl coating is very robust and makes the surface scratch-proof, impervious to dirt and hygienic. This makes AIRTEX® magic FR duo suitable for wall coverings as a large-scale printed wallpaper as well as for retail advertising & decoration. The grey back coating makes the substrate virtually opaque.


  • Homogeneous ink absorption
  • Brilliant colour reproduction
  • Vibrant colour print reproduction and is temperature resistant.
  • No more joints – Available in 1370mm, 3200mm and 5000mm sizes for seamless application. Custom widths can be manufactured to specification for order quantities of 8000m2 and above.
  • Perfect for indoor and mall advertising media.
  • Is an ultra light and thin substrate with very good blockout properties.
  • 350 g/m², the product has excellent tension characteristics.
  • The surface texture conveys a textile character, both haptically and visually
  • The surface refinement ensures optimum printing on both sides with brilliant colour reproduction.