reWrite-Wallpaper-Printable-Whiteboard reWrite-Wallpaper-Printable-Whiteboard

Printed Whiteboard Wallpaper Solution – We offer a full turnkey service of Graphic Design, Print, Supply and Installation on this product.


The reWRITE WALLart solution is a rewritable and printable wallpaper whiteboard solution that is applied like a wallpaper but is a whiteboard that you can write on, clean off and print on. 

  • You can print on it- print graphics on the substrate as a permanent design feature eg. Graphics, Logos and Product Branding etc…
  • It’s a Wallpaper and a Whitebaord and all of it is rewritable even the printed areas.
  • It is a self-adhesive product that can stick to almost any solid surface.
  • Its great for innovative design features in corporate spaces, offices, schools, innovation hubs, think tank, engage the user and makes creative collaboration fun…


ERASE WITH EASE: 100% guaranteed

COMPETITIVE PRICE: Affordable innovation, it’s a wallpaper, it’s a whiteboard, it’s a print substrate.  

COMPATIBLE WITH MOST STANDARD DRY-ERASE MARKERS: We recommended using our in-house reWRITE products

HIGHLY CONFORMABLE: reWRITE is a highly conformable, easily installable, easily removed for the convenience of the user, hassle free, low maintenance. Can be used on any smooth flat surface

EASY INSTALLATION: reWRITE WALLart can be applied directly to any smooth solid surface like  plastered painted walls, glass, laminated wood, steel, hardboard etc.. 

DIY: reWRITE – WALLart is DIY friendly

PROFESIONAL INSTALLATION: Approved installers will install your reWRITE – WALLart solutions at your request for free.


3 years Warranty against peeling, cracking and staining.

AlienNation Creative Agency is an authorized reWrite vendor…Get a quote