The Digital Revolution Is Upon Us!

Switch To Digital Advertising That Is Easy And Affordable


AlienNation Creative Agency has made digital media solutions simple and affordable for small to medium enterprises. We specialise in digital and content management solutions for small to medium businesses.

Digital Screens are popping up everywhere. From TVs, to Laptops to Smartphones – they have become an integral part of our everyday lives. It is this familiarization with personal screens that has created a tipping point for how consumers wish to be communicated to in the out-of-home and in-store environment. Static, one dimensional messaging is no longer enough. If your brand is not meeting these expectations, you run the risk of losing your customers attention and interest.

Why switch to digital media today…

  • Deliver compelling communications to you’re your customers and improve customer experience in your environment.
  • Integrate your business sales, marketing, and branding output through one media channel.
  • Improve communications with your clients on your products, services and brands.
  • Integrate and stream live television broadcasts, videos, and RSS feeds together with your advertising and communications.
  • Get the ne competitive edge in advertising, marketing and communications with the digital

Let Us Help You Transition Seamlessly With Our Full Turnkey Solution Of Supply, Installation, Content Creation And Deployment.

Transition from traditional print Advertising to digital media easily and affordably. We offer a single turnkey solution that makes it simple for small and medium businesses to transition to digital marketing and media in any retail and commercial environment.

Our package includes industrial display monitors, digital media software, content management systems and media design, production and deployment. We offer customized solutions for all your digital signage needs such as advertising, communications, entertainment, dining and restaurant menus, front office communications, event listings, outdoor signage etc. _

The An Digi-Pac Features:

Media Player supports video, live TV, static formats and scheduling media output.Turnkey solution that is easy to deploy and maintain.
Managed push content and content design/production.Industrial hardware easy to maintain and lifespan guarantee for commercial usage.Flexible packages that can be tailored for individual business needs.Works online and offline.Compatible for split screen feeds.


Digital Signage – Advertising, Merchandising, Communication

Integrated digital marketing at your POS, generate additional revenue when you strategically communicate with customers through effective digital merchandising and advertising. Digital signage for your retail, commercial, industrial use. Our digital media solutions can be used in common areas to display, company information, pricing and product information, communications in reception and waiting areas, menu boards, outdoor entertainment areas….


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