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The ‘African Cannamed' Story

How We Took an Emerging Consumer Brand to Market in the Medical Cannabis Industry

Our Clients Challenge:
In 2016, South Africa legalized the use of medical cannabis, presenting a ground-breaking opportunity for an ambitious start-up to establish itself in the emerging industry. Our challenge was to create a retail and manufacturing brand that specialized in the medicinal uses of cannabis while contending with prevalent societal stigmas. Compounded by the start-ups limited marketing budget, the task was to penetrate mainstream public perception and establish a presence in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our Solution:
As a marketing agency, we undertook the mission of elevating this pioneering brand into a recognized and respected entity within the medical cannabis sphere. Our comprehensive services ranged from strategically introducing the product and brand to the market, to meticulously creating and curating the brand, its marketing collateral and its product packaging.

We initiated the establishment of this now iconic brand by strategically defining its product branding and brand collateral. Our aim was to prompt a re-evaluation of the previously negative market perceptions surrounding cannabis, ultimately fostering a more favourable consumer adoption… we implemented creative strategies to educate consumers about the potential healing and medicinal benefits of cannabis, effectively reshaping its image in contrast to traditional medicines.

The campaign’s outcome and results:

Witnessing the transformation of this start-up into an internationally established retail powerhouse has been an immensely fulfilling journey for us. The brand has expanded globally, with flagship stores now situated in prominent cities such as Hong Kong and Johannesburg. Our agency proudly contributed to this remarkable evolution by providing a diverse portfolio of services that included:

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Product Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Retail Store Branding
  • Sales and Promotional Collateral