AlienNation is a level 1 BBBEE Intergrated Marketing Agency



It is our strong belief that graphic design and creative strategy are inseparable when it comes to design that elevates brand communication, marketing campaigns and advertising.

A well-crafted design should not merely be eye-catching; it should also be a strategic tool that conveys a message, tells a story and fosters a strong brand identity. Aligning graphic design with creative strategy ensures that every visual element serves a purpose, resonates with the target audience, and reinforces the intended message. This synergy leads to more impactful and memorable designs that not only look great but also communicate effectively.

In today’s competitive landscape, graphic design and creative strategy must go hand in hand to create compelling and cohesive visual narratives that captivate and inspire. Our talented team of designers is dedicated to conceptualising and creating compelling visuals that resonate with your brand strategy, ensuring that your visual collateral and marketing collateral material is strategically aligned with your desired outcomes.

From brand identities to social media graphics to print collateral, we bring your creativity to life. Let us help you stand out in a noisy marketplace and make a lasting impact with our graphic design expertise.



Unlock the power of visual storytelling with our Illustration and animation┬áservices. Illustrations and animations can enhance the visual appeal of your marketing materials, capturing the viewer’s attention and engaging them through creative storytelling.

They allow you to convey complex ideas and messages in a simplified and engaging manner. Illustrations and animations are versatile and
can be utilised across various marketing channels, including websites, social media, presentations, videos, and print materials.

This versatility makes them a valuable addition to your marketing toolkit. Through the use of characters, scenes, and motion, we help you create a compelling story that resonates with your marketing activities and audience.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your branding, create stunning marketing materials, or bring your campaign narratives to life, we can
transform your vision into a vivid reality.

We combine creativity with cutting-edge technology to deliver high-quality, customized solutions.



Motion graphics and videography services require a combination of creative skills and technical expertise. Creative skills involve having a keen eye for visual storytelling, an understanding of design principles, and the ability to effectively convey a message through motion and visuals.

Our team is proficient in both pre and post-videography and motion graphic production. We ideate, script, shoot, produce, edit, and deliver marketing and product videos, as well as motion graphics.

We use our skills to combine the art of storytelling with the power of visual media, creating compelling and dynamic content that can be utilised in your digital marketing activities.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your marketing campaigns, engage your online audience, or document your company and products, our agency offers a diverse range of services tailored to video and motion graphic production.

Let us transform your ideas into stunning visuals and leave a lasting impression in the digital world.



3D modelling is a multifaceted creative process that requires a
diverse set of techniques and skills. An understanding of fundamental artistic principles, such as form, composition, and perspective, is crucial for creating visually appealing models.

Additionally, an eye for detail and patience are necessary, as precision is key in 3D modelling. We have the expertise and in-depth understanding of the art of 3D sculpting, texturing, and rendering, ensuring that every detail is brought to life in a lifelike manner.

Additionally, we apply our creativity in the conceptualization of custom 3D models tailored to each client’s unique request.

We offer proficiency in both the technical and creative aspects of 3D
modelling that bring concepts to life.