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SANBS - Change a life

In the world of marketing and public awareness campaigns, there are few endeavours are as noble as those aimed at saving lives. This case study delves into such a campaign that really aligned with us a an agency. 

It’s the story of a ‘Change a Life’ campaign that we conceptualised and delivered for our client the South African National Blood Services that goes beyond conventional marketing objectives. At the heart of this collaboration was the critical challenge of securing platelet donors—a challenge as intricate as it is was essential.

SANBS - Right to Life

In March 2022, the country faced a severe crisis as blood stock levels reached a critical low. The South African National Blood Services (SANBS)  set an ambitious goal – to collect 7000 units of blood over the Human Rights’ Day weekend, from Friday, March 19 to Monday, March 21. 

The challenge was clear – encouraging the nation to come forward and donate blood to replenish the dangerously depleted blood bank stock.

Live Lekker Locally

The Proudly South African organisation was established in 2001, born out of the 1998 Presidential Job Summit which was convened by the late former President Nelson Mandela. The country’s official buy-local advocacy campaign is aligned with the government’s objective of combatting the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and above all, unemployment.

Proudly South Africa seeks to influence local procurement in the public and private sectors, to increase local production and to influence consumers to buy local in order to stimulate job creation.

FEM - Zero Is No Accident

Established in 1936, The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) has been a stalwart in the financial services sector, holding the exclusive license for workmen’s compensation administration in the building and construction industry. However, FEM’s approach had traditionally been operation-centric, and their marketing efforts were underdeveloped.

As a result, this 86-year-old institution faced the challenge of low brand awareness, hindering its ability to grow potential sales opportunities. 


NSA Global Security Consultants is a specialist security and risk management company offering bespoke, turnkey security solutions to a wide range of clients including multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, high profile and high net-worth individuals, international royalty, dignitaries, celebrities, athletes and for major events.

We pioneer and deliver innovative security and security risk management solutions that are based on proven methodologies, attention to detail and real-world experience in a range of challenging environments.


Jakaranda Centre, a well-established local shopping center in Pretoria, part of the PIC property portfolio, faced the challenge of repositioning itself to cater to a new mixed target demographic and LSM in line with the major redevelopment undertaken by PIC.

The center had faithfully served a niche community for over four decades and was being transformed  into a contemporary convenience shopping and lifestyle hub that would service the broader community and a mixed demographic of clientele.


The African Canamed Co was created with the belief in alternative treatment using
Cannabis Oil and the other rich nutrients of the Cannabis/Hemp Plant.
  Our vision is to create quality Phytocannabinoid enriched (PCR) infused products that are safe, effective alternatives to prescription pain killers, toxic prescription drugs, and overthecounter drugs, which contain harsh chemical compounds alien to nature’s remedies, naturally.