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The ‘Zero is no accident’ Campaign

Our Clients Challenge
Established in 1936, The Federated Employers Mutual Assurance Company (FEM) has been a stalwart in the financial services sector, holding the exclusive license for workmen’s compensation administration in the building and construction industry. However, FEM’s approach had traditionally been operation-centric, and their marketing efforts were underdeveloped. As a result, this 86-year-old institution faced the challenge of low brand awareness, hindering its ability to grow potential sales opportunities. FEM’s brand also failed to resonate with customers when they made crucial decisions regarding insurance against liabilities under the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA).The relatively new marketing department struggled with low brand awareness, resulting in missed sales opportunities. Furthermore, the FEM brand was failing to resonate effectively with customers when considering insurance against liabilities under COIDA. FEM sought our assistance in developing a comprehensive brand visibility campaign to reposition the brand and emphasize the significance of health and safety on construction sites in South Africa. Our goal was to bridge the gap between FEM’s services and the industry’s awareness, ensuring that the brand became synonymous with promoting a culture of safety within the construction sector.

Our Solution
Our ‘Zero Is No Accident’ campaign was born. The campaign emerged from a strategic vision that prioritised the paramount importance of safety within the construction industry. This campaign sought to nurture a culture characterised by vigilance, care, and accountability on construction sites. Our primary goal was to reinforce FEM’s standing as a staunch advocate for safety and an unwavering partner in the industry. However, it transcended the realm of traditional marketing by delving into the hearts of both employees and employers.

Our approach pivoted the spotlight onto the safety of those toiling on construction sites, emphasizing their pivotal roles in upholding safety standards through best practices. We celebrated employees as more than mere construction laborers; they were the providers, the caregivers, the siblings, and the parents who bore profound responsibilities for the well-being of their families. By focusing on these multifaceted roles, we delivered a compelling message to both employers and employees, compelling them to embrace their shared responsibilities in ensuring safety at construction sites.

Our narrative also ventured into the sobering reality of critical injuries and fatalities arising from inadequate health and safety measures, shedding light on the profound impact these tragedies have on families left behind and the detrimental effects on businesses. This campaign was a poignant reminder that ‘Zero Is No Accident,’ driving home the significance of safeguarding lives and livelihoods within the construction industry.

Emotive Connection: We weaved an emotional narrative that centered on employees and their families. By showcasing them as the unsung heroes who support their loved ones, we connected deeply with the audience’s emotions.

Responsibility Messaging: Our campaign focused on the shared responsibility of both employers and employees. We emphasized the importance of collaboration in maintaining a safe working environment.

Empowerment: We empowered employees by highlighting their role in enabling safety through best practices. This approach resonated with the audience, making them feel a sense of ownership in the safety process whilst looking after their best interest in managing a construction site with zero accidents.

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The Campaign Results

Our efforts yielded remarkable results, significantly boosting FEM’s presence across various channels and reinforcing their position as the foremost authority in the administration of COIDA for the construction industry. 

The refined brand messaging significantly improved the quality of content marketing, enhancing the markets’ understanding of FEM’s ethos, value propositions and service offerings. Our campaign’s emotional depth and focus on responsibility not only elevated FEM’s brand but also underscored the critical importance of safety in the construction industry.

Ultimately it aimed to foster a culture of care and accountability on construction sites and position FEM as a key stakeholder in achieving this. The campaign not only facilitated a robust customer acquisition strategy but also stimulated tangible sales growth for the company.



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