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Frigoglass Office Refurbishment and Fit-Out Project Johannesburg

Client Background and Project Brief:
Frigoglass is a leading producer of Ice-Cold Merchandisers (ICM’s) globally and a leading supplier of high-quality commercial refrigerators for the beverage industry with headquarters in Greece and operations worldwide.

The company recently rolled out a new logo and wanted to revamp its Johannesburg head office to showcase the new brand identity. The client brief was for a soft refurbishment that could be rolled out in a very short timeline and did not need any structural interior redesign. They wanted their space to look brighter, fresher and stylish.

As a dynamic design agency, we thrive on adapting our diverse talents to tackle any project that demands creative, out-of-the-box thinking. As a team of designers, illustrators, and strategists we harnessed our collective creativity to rise to this challenge.

Our ability to pivot and adapt our creative talent allows us to consistently deliver innovative solutions no matter what the project or campaign requirement is.  

How we accomplished this:
With limited time to accomplish what our client wanted, we conceptualised and transformed their double-volume office interior, into what was nothing short of remarkable, by focusing on enhancing just the four key interior surfaces.

With no corporate identity to guide us, we created new elements and colour palettes that showcased and complimented the brand’s new logo perfectly.

Walls were given a fresh coat of contemporary colour to complement the new logo’s beautiful modern blue hue. We deconstructed the new logo to conceptualised and design stunning custom wall claddings like wallpapers, decals, wall decorations etc. These were professionally printed on our large format eco-friendly laser-jet printer. We created beautiful wall ornaments to introduce texture and depth using different substrates like Perspex and Dibond.

We played with our creativity to conceptualise and curate a stunning series of printed stretch canvas paintings, bursting with vibrant, popping colours to bring the previously dark and industrial space to life. Drawing inspiration from the primary blue of the new logo which inspires thoughts of a sunny summer sky our team pushed artistic boundaries to develop a unique and visually captivating abstract series of wall canvases. Each canvas tells its own story, with colour combinations and abstract patterns that evoke a sense of energy and excitement.

By daring to think beyond conventional boundaries and embracing the unlimited possibilities of colour and form, we transformed the previously beige dull walls into captivating burst of life that transformed the energy of the space.

The used the refurb transformation project to breath new life into the clients common areas, like the boardrooms, conference room and reception area. We’ve carefully curated contemporary and stylish furniture pieces to not only enhance functionality but also overhaul the aesthetics of the spaces. We used modern, trendy furniture colour accents and vibrant lush green plants to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere in these rooms that were frequented and shared by staff and clients.

The reception area underwent a massive transformation. We added lush Greenwall and meticulously refurbished the reception desk in a contemporary style using  brilliant white finishing complemented by brushed aluminium accents, illuminating the area with a refreshing burst of light and a revitalizing sense of vitality.

From concept, to design, to production and fit-out we proceeded with the project mindful of the clients completion deadline whilst minimising disruptions and downtime as much as we possibly could in the actively working environment.

New FrigoGlass Office

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The result is an environment that delighted our client and their staff and represents a sleek interpretation of a modern office that is both cost-effective and innovative, providing a fresh, bright, welcoming and inspiring setting for all who work there.

Services and Products rendered on this project include:

  • Interior Design and Decorating
  • 3D Modeling
  • Interior Finishing
  • Brand Identity
  • Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Signage
  • Custom Printed
  • Wallpaper
  • Custom Printed Large
  • Format Wall Cladding
  • Office Furniture and Plants
  • Printed Stretch Canvases