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Creating a Brand Identity for Hailo

How we created a premium brand identity for a luxury point-to-point transfer service provider.

Our Clients Challenge:
Hailo, a distinguished app-based point-to-point transfer security service provider founded by a group of seasoned security experts, approached us to create a premium brand identity to take their business to the market. The business aimed to provide an on-demand, luxury point-to-point security transfer service, catering to high and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, as well as multinational businesses. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Hailo and AlienNation to establish Hailo as the epitome of a premium brand that is aligned with its target audience.

Our Solution:
We set out to develop a distinctive brand identity that conveys the premium and unique nature of Hailo’s services and establish the brand as the trusted choice for luxury point-to-point security transfers in Johannesburg. Creating a sophisticated and memorable logo for Hailo was the starting point and a pivotal element of the brand identity development process. Our team then embarked on a comprehensive brand identity development process for Hailo.

Market Research: We conducted in-depth market research to understand the preferences and expectations of affluent residents in Johannesburg. This research informed our branding decisions.

Concept Development:
The logo design process began with extensive brainstorming sessions. The objective was to encapsulate Hailo’s core values and services in a visual form. Hailo’s business revolves around security and luxury, ensuring its clients’ safety and comfort. The logo had to reflect this unique blend. The logo was to be more than just a symbol, it had to become the embodiment of the brand’s identity. It encapsulated the brand’s promise of providing premium and secure transportation services. The logo element served as a cornerstone in establishing Hailo as a symbol of excellence in the luxury point-to-point security transfer market.

Logo and Visual Identity: We designed a sophisticated logo that represented elements of security and luxury. The chosen colour palette comprised black and gold, symbolizing trust and opulence. They instilled a sense of confidence in the brand. The gold accents added a touch of opulence to the logo, denoting luxury and exclusivity. Gold is often associated with wealth and high-quality service, aligning perfectly with Hailo’s positioning. The logo was designed to be versatile, ensuring it looked equally striking across various applications, from digital platforms to print materials. It could be resized and adapted without losing its impact, which is essential for today’s multi-channel marketing.

Typography: The selection of fonts for the logo’s text was equally important. We opted for elegant and contemporary fonts that exuded sophistication. The typography was carefully customized to ensure that it harmonized with the overall design, creating a sense of balance and coherence.

Messaging and Tagline: We crafted a compelling tagline, “Go Safe, Go Beyond” to encapsulate the essence of Hailo’s services.

Website Design: A responsive and visually appealing website was created to reflect Hailo’s premium status. The website featured easy navigation, service information, and focused on key messaging on getting potential clients to download their booking application from Google Play and The App Store.

Marketing Collaterals: We designed sales brochures and presentations, corporate stationery, activation collateral, uniforms etc that consistently communicated Hailo’s premium brand.

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The campaign’s outcome and results:
Hailo was launched into the market in collaboration with Steyn City, its first client. This strategic partnership with Steyn City, one of the most prestigious residential lifestyle estates in the region, served as a significant catalyst for Hailo’s market entry. The activation of the brand was meticulously designed to speak directly to its target audience, capturing their attention and compelling them to take up the offer. This collaboration not only solidified Hailo’s presence in the market but also aimed to establish the brand as the go-to choice for the high LSM audience.