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The Clients Challenge and Brief

  • Jakaranda Centre is a popular local shopping centre located in Pretoria and forms a part of the PIC property portfolio.
  • The PIC started major redevelopment to transform the centre into a more contemporary convenience shopping and lifestyle hub.
  • This centre has been servicing a very niche community for more than 40 years.
  • Reposition this brand to address its new mixed target demographic and LSM in line with new look and function of the centre.

How we solved the problem

  • Over a 3 year period whilst the redevelopment project was underway, we developed a new brand identity for the mall that aligned with the new target demographic and the new direction of the asset in the market as a shopping and lifestyle hub.
  • The output of the rebrand was strategically taken to the market in the development phase as a pre-launch and launch campaigns.
  • An integrated channel approach was used to reach the target audience at various touchpoints and excite them at the prospects of the attractions of the new mall.
  • Our aim – whilst the mall was shut down for redevelopment, the community and greater public was kept engaged with the brand and the brand held its relevance and loyalty. The promise of the new mall being a part of the regions daily life as it had been for the part 40 years was upheld and the audience antiparticipation around the malls reopening was kept throughout the redevelopment phase.
  • We conceptualised the big idea for the malls opening launch event using an interactive call to action for customers to share photographic images of their experiences at the old Jakaranda Mall over the past 40 years. We then took these and created a story of the malls history for the big launch using it on window branding, online marketing etc. The launch event culminated in the best phot submission winning a prize.  

The results

  • The new redeveloped Jakaranda Mall and brand was successfully launched in November 2022 and an estimated total of 1200 customer attended the launch event.
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