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The ‘Live Lekker Locally’ Campaign

Our Clients Challenge

The Proudly South African organisation was established in 2001, born out of the 1998 Presidential Job Summit which was convened by the late former President Nelson Mandela. The country’s official buy-local advocacy campaign is aligned to the government’s objective of combatting the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and above all, unemployment. Proudly South African seeks to influence local procurement in the public and private sectors, to increase local production and to influence consumers to buy local in order to stimulate job creation.

The festive season is a time of joy, celebration, and, of course, gift-giving. As a marketing agency, we took on the challenge of helping South Africa buy locally during this special time seriously.

Our Solution
Our primary goal was to create a digital marketing campaign that would not only promote local businesses but also drive sales, making the festive season profitable for both businesses and consumers.We aimed to increase the traffic to the Proudly South African website, creating a central hub for South Africans to discover and support local businesses.

To engage users, we produced a variety of content, including static images, gifs, shorts, reels, stories, and videos, all tailored to the preferences of each platform. The ‘Live Lekker Locally’ campaign ran for 14 days, strategically timed to coincide with the festive season.

Campaign Call to Action: Our campaign’s call to action was simple but powerful: “Live Lekker Locally” and “Buy Local.” We encouraged South Africans to not just celebrate the festive season but to do so by supporting local businesses. By choosing to shop locally, they not only contributed to the growth of their communities but also enjoyed the unique, high-quality products and services South Africa has to offer.

Google Display Ad Placement: We strategically placed advertisements on third-party websites to extend our reach and capture potential customers outside of the brands media channels using Googles ad channels.

Multi-Platform Social Media Placement: Leveraging the power of social media, our campaign spanned across platforms including Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Instagram, ensuring we reached a diverse audience who we strategically profiled and segmented for better engagement.

Short Format Videos

The campaigns outcome and results:

The campaign’s results speak volumes about its impact:

Facebook Impressions: We reached 63,226 South Africans on Facebook, with a large the audience engagement in Cape Town.

Instagram Engagement: Our Instagram posts reached 30,406 South Africans, with a significant engagement rate among the 25-34 age group.

LinkedIn Impressions: LinkedIn’s total impression count was 28,079, and the city that showed the most interest in our posts was Johannesburg, with 2,041 engagements.

YouTube Video: Our YouTube video garnered 8,884 views in just 14 days, and we welcomed 33 new subscribers to the brands channel.

Google Display Ads: Our Google display ads were served to over 1 million people across South Africa, significantly expanding our campaign’s reach.

These results clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our multi-channel approach, capturing the attention of diverse audiences online. In conclusion, our multi-channel digital marketing campaign not only met but exceeded our objectives, making a positive impact on South African businesses and consumers during the festive season. By reaching significant numbers of people on various platforms, we successfully encouraged South Africa to “Live Lekker Locally” and “Buy Local,” reinforcing the importance of supporting local businesses and celebrating the country’s diverse and vibrant culture

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