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The ‘RIGHT TO LIFE’ Campaign

Our Clients Challenge

In March 2022, the country faced a severe crisis as blood stock levels reached a critical low. The South African National Blood Services (SANBS) set an ambitious goal – to collect 7000 units of blood over the Human Rights’ Day weekend, from Friday, March 19 to Monday, March 21. The challenge was clear – encouraging the nation to come forward and donate blood to replenish the dangerously depleted blood bank stock.

Our Solution
The Human Rights Day Collections Boost – Right to Life Campaign

To tackle this daunting challenge, we  devised a creative campaign strategy that was not only compelling but emotionally charged. We recognized the power of history in motivating people and decided to turn to the country’s historic superheroes for inspiration. These iconic figures had made significant contributions to society during their lifetimes, and we believed they could once again move the nation to action, this time in the form of life-saving blood donations.

Our creative strategy aimed to connect the dots between these hero personas and the ordinary citizens.

We wanted the public to see that by donating blood, they too could be heroes, contributing to a greater good, just as our hero personas had done in their lives.

The primary channel for our campaign was social media. Leveraging the wide reach and influence of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, we deployed the Right to Life’ campaign with the hashtag #righttolife. This campaign tagline succinctly captured the essence of our mission – to protect and preserve lives through the act of blood donation.

Social Media Posts

The campaigns outcome and results:

The results of our campaign were nothing short of remarkable. In just three days, from Friday to Monday, we were able to collect an astounding 5000 units of blood from the country for the country. This achievement was not just a campaign success but a testament to the power of a united nation coming together for a greater good.

Our contributions extended far beyond this campaign. We are proud to have serviced the South African National Blood Services with a comprehensive portfolio of works, including:

Marketing Strategy: We developed a cohesive marketing strategy to guide the campaign and ensure all efforts were aligned towards the common goal.

Direct Marketing Advertising: Our agency created direct marketing materials that effectively communicated the urgency of the situation and encouraged individuals to take immediate action.

Corporate Identity: We provided the SANBS with a strong creative strategy that was consistent their corporate identity that instilled trust and credibility in the organization’s mission.

Content Development and Copywriting: Our team produced compelling and persuasive content that resonated with the public, inspiring them to join the cause including CTA on channels likes social media, radio and direct databases.

Social Media Marketing: We harnessed the power of social media to reach a wide audience, engage with potential donors, and mobilize them to participate in the blood donation drive.

Brochures: Our brochures served as informative materials, educating the public about the importance of blood donation and the process involved.

Sales and Promotional Collateral: We created promotional materials to incentivize and reward donors, further driving participation.

Asset Branding: Our branding efforts ensured that all campaign assets, from posters to social media profiles, consistently represented the campaign’s identity and message.



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