Buy Local Summit and Expo

The Live Lekker Locally Campaign

The “Live Lekker Locally” campaign was designed to celebrate and promote local South African products and businesses, showcasing the richness of our culture and the quality of our local goods. Our task was to develop a comprehensive digital marketing campaign that included creative strategy, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) to amplify this message across various platforms including Google Adverts and YouTube Adverts.

Campaign to Boost Local South African Products
The aim was to create a campaign that resonated with South African pride during the festive season in December, encouraging consumers to support local businesses and embrace the unique flavours, crafts and products of our homeland. This initiative targeted a broad audience, with a nationwide footprint.

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Digital Strategy and Creative Development that Resonated

Our approach began with understanding the core values and objectives of the “Live Lekker Locally” campaign. We identified the key selling points of South African products, such as their authenticity, quality, and cultural significance. With these insights, we developed creative collateral and copy that combined vibrant visuals and compelling narratives to highlight these unique attributes.

SMM and SEM Execution: To maximise reach and impact, we executed a robust SMM and SEM strategy. Our social media marketing efforts included targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, aimed at specific demographics interested in local culture and products. We also utilised search engine marketing to ensure high visibility for the campaign, using carefully selected keywords and optimised content to drive traffic to the campaign website. Our ads and sponsored posts were designed to be visually engaging, capturing the essence of the “Live Lekker Locally” initiative.

The collaboration between Proudly South African and AlienNation was a testament to strategic digital marketing and creative strategy that worked. The “Live Lekker Locally” campaign worked, creating a significant impact by raising awareness and uptake for local products during the biggest retail season in the country.