Absa African Icons

In 2017, the ABSA African Icons Invitational was established with a noble mission to support orphans and widows of deceased police officers in South Africa. Understanding the significant impact of their cause, they approached us to create and nurture a brand that would become recognised and established within the cycling fraternity in South Africa and abroad. 

AlienNation Creative Agency has been instrumental in the development of this brand and the annual ride since the inception of the organisation. We have, over the past 6 years, created an iconic brand and marketing activities that have positioned the ABSA African Icons to become a prestigious annual event and organisation that generates millions of rands for the charities it funds. The event is now sponsored and supported by major brands like ABSA Bank, Biogen, Tourvest, Airlink and Food Lover’s market to name a few.

We event also features of S.A.’s (and the world’s) highest profile athletes to act as our ‘African Icons’, thereby attracting ordinary cyclists to open their wallets and their hearts and come and ride with  iconic sport celebrities like Joel Stransky, Graeme Smith, Hennie Le Roux, Bruce Fordyce and many more.

Over the Years

AlienNation Creative Agency has deployed a comprehensive 360° marketing approach to build brand equity and visibility for the ABSA Africa Icons by executing various marketing strategies and services. Thes include:

Brand Identity and Visual Design:

We developed and curated a powerful and memorable visual identity that encapsulated the spirit and mission of the organization.

Brand Awareness and Engagement:

We built an audience and community around the brand that ensures high levels of engagement and uptake through various marketing channels.


We strategically promote their annual charity cycling event to maximise all stakeholder participation and donations.

Brand Recognition and Visibility:

The brand has become iconic and well-recognized across South Africa attracting participants and other stakeholders from all walks of life and business associations.

Increased Donations and Sponsor Support:

There has been a steady increase in donations year-on-year, significantly supporting the organization's mission. The organisation has also onboarded massive brands as sponsors of the event creating invaluable associations and marketing opportunities for the ABSA African Icons.  

Event Participation:

The annual charity cycling event has grown in popularity, attracting more participants and stakeholder attention each year.

Digital Engagement:

Social media followers and website traffic have seen substantial growth year-on-year, leading to increased engagement and community support.

The partnership between ABSA African Icons Invitational and AlienNation Creative Agency exemplifies how strategic, multi-channel marketing can create and sustain a powerful brand. By leveraging our expertise in brand identity, digital marketing, and event management, we have helped this charity organization grow from its inception into a respected and impactful entity, making a real difference for a greater good in South Africa.

Visit the https://www.africanicons.org.za/our-icons/ to see more of our work for this brand.