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Effective Tips for Designing a Billboard Advert

Even though consumers are engrossed in digital platforms these days, Billboards are still considered to be a premium advertising medium. In South Africa, traffic congestion in our major cities is a growing concern, but when it comes to billboard advertising, the traffic problem provides advertisers with an opportunity of increased dwell time to expose commuters to out of home media. Billboards therefore offer a highly effective platform for advertising and brand exposure on major routes however they often come at a premium rental cost. So how do marketers and companies ensure that when it comes to billboard advertising they are not losing return on spend due to poor creative strategy and graphic design. Here we share a few tips on how to design a billboard advert for maximum return on spend and to create memorable and engaging adverts that motivate your audience to take action. Less is better… On average you have six seconds to engage and communicate to your audience with a billboard. Use a limited number of words to communicate your key offerings. This also means that your campaign message should be concise and clear. Try to keep the wording to a maximum of 9 words. Create a visual story… Think of a billboard advert as visual storytelling. Include imaging or design that will easily communicate your message whilst attracting your target audience. Try to use a single image instead of a combination of various images. Use high contrast colour combinations. Make sure that your brand identity or logo is used and placed on the design so that it is easily visible and the audience can quickly make an association with the campaign and your brand. Keep it simple… Creative strategy that is too gimmicky and clever runs the risk of losing the audience. Billboards are the wrong medium for this approach. Billboard adverts should be smart yet simple to assimilate and not cause your audience to miss the message because it’s difficult to comprehend instantly. Size is everything… Make sure that all the elements on the artwork design translate well to the full blown up size of the billboard. Use heavier fonts that can be easily scaled up...

How To Choose The Right Agency To Market Your Business

AT THE HEART OF ALL SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES THERE IS STRONG AND ONGOING MARKETING The single-largest business opportunity in Africa will be its rising consumer market. Africa is the world’s second fastest growing consumer driven market. For businesses looking to get a share of the pie marketing can play a pivotal role. However, with tight budgets, most businesses are faced with the challenge of  how to get the best results from their marketing spend without wasting it. It starts with having the right expertise and people to implement and roll out your marketing in a strategic way. With this opportunity many have climbed on the bandwagon and offer marketing services without the expertise that will bring returns on the clients spend. The market is saturated and this makes it increasingly difficult for companies needing marketing expertise to appoint the right people and agencies to get the desired results. Yet, little time or consideration is given by most decision makers when selecting this vital partner to market their business. In turn when the marketing activities do not produce results many companies lose faith and cannot understand why it did not work for them. From Influencer Marketing, Google PPC Paid Advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing to Display Ads, the marketing landscape is ever-changing and growing with advances in technology, software and methods to produce results driven marketing for companies and products. So, how do you choose the right partner to help you keep up with ever-changing technology and trends in this dynamic marketing and advertising environment? Here are some inside tips that may keep you ahead of your competition: THE MAKINGS OF A GOOD MARKETING AGENCY A good marketing agency must know how to integrate marketing activities to achieve the desired results and have a strategic approach to deploying the activities so as to get returns on the clients investment. What makes a great agency is the ability to select the right methods of interaction and utilize these to engage audiences. Engaging with your target audience is a pivotal part for any marketing campaign to be successful. A good marketer knows how to craft a campaign to speak...

Building A Customer-Centric Marketing Ecosystem

Throughout last year, I’ve talked a lot about one-to-one marketing and how with the rising tide of customer power marketers need to focus more on this personalized and empathetic approach. While it’s true that marketing’s main efforts have always been focused on gaining customers, in the past few years we’ve seen a shift where marketing has become more about “bragging” and less about value creation. However, with the Internet, social media, and mobile access there is more power than ever in the hands of today’s consumers. Influence no longer lies with the suave, silver-tongued marketer and glossy marketing brochures. Consumers need to be marketed to in the way they want to be marketed to.  I believe that the “brags” have lost their effectiveness and we are coming to the end of “push”-based marketing.  Customer-centricity: Not Everyone is Getting it Right As more and more brands are vying for a slice of the consumer’s attention, businesses need to restructure themselves, and become more customer-centric to stay ahead in the race. While most companies today claim to put their customers first, a surprisingly small number are actually doing it right. So, where are they going wrong? The fact is: some businesses are treating customer-centricity as a set of strategies meant solely for the customer-facing units of a business. They often forget that a customized or one-on-one approach is more than just a marketing goal for customer service reps and sales people. In truth, it is actually part of an “evolved” marketing department that builds around a customer-centered approach. It is making customer-centricity the responsibility of the entire organization and not just a few departments. Customer-centricity can’t be captured in a solo marketing environment, and a company should concentrate on building a marketing ecosystem to emerge as a fully functioning customer-centric entity. How to Build a Customer-centric Marketing Ecosystem   For any organization in the world, the target customers need to be at the heart of that organization’s marketing efforts and strategies. Brands, slogans, products, and media aren’t at the center; rather they are spokes that help to bridge the gap between the customer and the business. During...