The importance of integrating your marketing campaigns

Contents What is integrated marketing? What is the importance of integrated marketing campaigns? Why should you use integrated marketing for your business? Grow your brand It’s official that the flow of information is changing in business marketing. You’ve probably heard the term “integrated marketing” going around. What does it imply, and how can it grow […]

Why businesses must implement a creative strategy in their marketing plans

Contents What is a creative marketing strategy? What are the components of a creative brief? Why is a creative strategy important for your marketing campaign? Reap the rewards from investing in a creative strategy Have you wondered how to work with a marketing budget and not waste time successfully launching a campaign? Well, this is […]

Effective Tips for Designing a Billboard Advert

  Even though consumers are engrossed in digital platforms these days, Billboards are still considered to be a premium advertising medium. In South Africa, traffic congestion in our major cities is a growing concern, but when it comes to billboard advertising, the traffic problem provides advertisers with an opportunity of increased dwell time to expose commuters to out of home media. Billboards therefore […]

How To Choose The Right Agency To Market Your Business

AT THE HEART OF ALL SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSES THERE IS STRONG AND ONGOING MARKETING The single-largest business opportunity in Africa will be its rising consumer market. Africa is the world’s second fastest growing consumer driven market. For businesses looking to get a share of the pie marketing can play a pivotal role. However, with tight budgets, most businesses are faced with the challenge of […]

Building A Customer-Centric Marketing Ecosystem

Throughout last year, I’ve talked a lot about one-to-one marketing and how with the rising tide of customer power marketers need to focus more on this personalized and empathetic approach. While it’s true that marketing’s main efforts have always been focused on gaining customers, in the past few years we’ve seen a shift where marketing has become […]