Jakaranda Shopping Centre

The "Heart of the Moot" Relaunch Campaign

Jakaranda Centre, a well-established local shopping centre in Pretoria, part of the PIC property portfolio, faced the challenge of repositioning itself to cater to a new mixed target demographic and LSM in line with the major redevelopment undertaken by PIC.

The centre had faithfully served a niche community for over four decades and was being transformed into a contemporary convenience shopping and lifestyle hub that would service the broader community and a mixed demographic of clientele.

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A Three-Year Transformation Journey

Over a three-year period, parallel to the redevelopment project, we were hired to actively market the new center and brand, keeping the public engaged throughout the development process. During this time, we embarked on developing a fresh brand identity for Jakaranda Centre. This new identity was strategically designed to align with the evolving target demographic and the center’s new market positioning as a shopping and lifestyle hub.

Integrated Pre-Launch and Launch Campaign: The output of the rebranding was introduced to the market as a pre-launch and launch campaign, capitalizing on the excitement generated by the development phase. We employed an integrated channel approach to reach the target audience across various touchpoints, engaging them with the prospects of the redeveloped center.

Engaging the community

One of our primary goals was to maintain community engagement during the redevelopment phase, ensuring the brand’s relevance and loyalty were preserved. We promised that the new Jakaranda Centre would continue to be an integral part of the region’s daily life, just as it had been for the past 40 years. The audience’s anticipation for the center’s reopening was sustained throughout the redevelopment period.

Engaging Content Strategy: To maintain public interest and excitement during the redevelopment phase, we created compelling content that strategically revealed the new tenants set to join the mall, including the new entertainment facilities and the new food court. We highlighted the new experiences that shoppers could look forward to sharing with their loved ones.

Moreover, we invited the public to become part of the new stories that would unfold within the newly reimagined Jakaranda Mall.

Interactive relaunch event

For the grand opening of the redeveloped center in November 2022, we conceptualized a unique idea. We invited customers to share photographic memories of their experiences at the old Jakaranda Mall over the past four decades.

We then weaved these memories into a captivating story of the mall’s history, which was featured in window branding, online marketing, and various other marketing materials. The launch event culminated in an exciting competition where the best photo submission won a prize.