JAM Marketing Activations

Creating Event Spaces with Jam Marketing Schweppes Activation

Jam Marketing’s sought to create an engaging and visually stunning setup for their Schweppe product launch event, emphasizing the refreshing and vibrant nature of their grapefruit-flavored drink. Our task was to design and implement a cohesive branding strategy that would capture the essence of the product and enhance the overall event experience and consumer engagement.

A Refreshing Stand for Schweppes Grapefruit-Flavoured Drink

The goal was to showcase Schweppes’ new grapefruit-flavoured drink in an appealing and memorable manner, targeting event attendees, media and influencers.

  1. Manufacture and Installation: We curated the meticulous creation of event materials, ensuring high-quality and impactful visuals. Our team managed the installation at the event venue, transforming the space with branded elements such as a customized bar counter, large product displays, and eye-catching promotional materials. The setup included fresh ingredients and a selection of Schweppes beverages, inviting guests to experience the product first-hand.
  2. Print Innovation and Quality: To ensure that Schweppes’ branding stood out, we employed cutting-edge print technology and high-quality materials. The vibrant colours and sharp graphics on the promotional displays and product packaging were achieved through advanced printing techniques, ensuring durability and visual appeal. The prints were designed to be cohesive with the activation environmental conditions. This attention to detail in print quality and innovation played a crucial role in enhancing the overall aesthetic and impact of the event setup.


The collaboration between Jam Marketing and our team resulted in a successful product launch event that left a lasting impression on attendees. The cohesive branding strategy effectively highlighted the new grapefruit-flavoured drink, engaging guests through a bright and visually stunning and interactive setup. This project exemplifies our ability to manufacture marketing collateral for bespoke needs.