SANBS Change a Life

The 'CHANGE A LIFE' Campaign

In the world of marketing and public awareness campaigns, there are few endeavours are as noble as those aimed at saving lives. This case study delves into such a campaign that really aligned with us a an agency. It’s the story of a ‘Change a Life’ campaign that we conceptualised and delivered for our client the South African National Blood Services that goes beyond conventional marketing objectives. At the heart of this collaboration was the critical challenge of securing platelet donors—a challenge as intricate as it is was essential.

Our Clients Challenge

Our client, the SANBS, approached us with a deeply impactful brief that sought to address the formidable difficulties associated with recruiting platelet donors. Platelets, vital components of the blood, are fundamental in the treatment of life-threatening conditions such as leukaemia and cancer. However, as our research and discussions with the client revealed, obtaining these donations is far from straightforward. 

The organisation was thus challenged with a shortage of platelet donors and an ever-increasing demand for platelets. The client’s needs were dire and we were further challenged by the urgency of bringing a campaign to life that quickly educated the public on the critical significance of platelet donation and an aggressive call to action to sign up to become a donor.

Our Solution

We ideated and strategised the ‘The Change a Life’ campaign, embarking on a journey to inspire South Africans to become platelet donors, leveraging our expertise in marketing and communications by executing a 360° marketing campaign that reached the target audience through multitude of integrated marketing channels.

The campaign began with a comprehensive exploration of platelets. We employed a mix of informative content through digital and traditional channels, explaining what platelets are, why they are crucial, who needs them (patients battling, cancer, elderly critical care patients, expecting mothers and other life-threatening conditions), when they are required, and where to donate.

Emotive Storytelling: To deeply connect with the audience, we adopted a storytelling approach. Real-life narratives of patients, donors, medical professionals, and the South African National Blood Service (SANBS) were woven into the campaign. These stories painted a vivid picture of the impact of platelet donation on all stakeholders.

Central to our campaign strategy was the incorporation of powerful narratives and visuals. These emotional stories and visuals were designed to inspire and motivate potential donors to take action. By tapping into the emotions of compassion, empathy, and a sense of community, we sought to encourage viewers to embrace the campaign’s call to action.

The Campaign Call to Action

Change a Life: Our campaign’s Call to Action (CTA) was straightforward and compelling: “Change a Life.” This concise message resonated with the potential donors’ inherent desire to make a positive impact.

Becoming a Platelet Donor: We emphasized the simplicity of the action by encouraging viewers to “Become a Platelet Donor Today.” The sense of immediacy and the potential for personal transformation were key elements.

Interactive Education: We harnessed the power of technology by incorporating a QR code and a link, inviting individuals to go on a journey of education and enlightenment about platelet donation. This interactive component allowed for a deeper understanding of the process, which can often seem complex, and removed barriers to entry.

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