SANBS Colour of Our Blood

The Colour Of Our Blood Campaign Strategy

SANBS required a comprehensive 360° marketing campaign to effectively reach potential donors and educate them on the importance of blood donation during the Easter holiday season. 

The Colour Of Our Blood Campaign was conceptualised to educate and engage the public travelling on national roads and through Petro Ports during this holiday period, encouraging them to become blood donors.

The campaign strategy had to be bold and strong to effectively educate, engage, and convince South Africans to become blood donors. The “Colour of Our Blood” campaign played on the unifying fact that regardless of our skin colour and ethnicity, we all need each other when in need of blood donation. The campaign emphasised that there is no division when it comes to the responsibility of donating blood—it is a shared duty for all South Africans for a common good.

A Campaign Designed To Unite The Nation

Our conceptualisation and execution of the campaign encompassed the following scope of works.

  • Campaign Strategy: Develop a detailed strategy tailored to maximise donor engagement and participation.
  • Campaign Creative Direction and Design: Create a cohesive visual and thematic direction for the campaign that clearly brought the strategy to life.
  • Campaign Collateral: Design and produce display and promotional materials to be used across various touchpoints including direct marketing and online marketing.
  • Road Activations: Plan and execute on-site activations to directly interact with and educate South Africa on becoming blood donors.
  • Social Media and Google Display Advertising: Leverage social media platforms and other digital channels to extend the campaign’s reach and engagement.

Campaign Video Ad