Proudly South Africa

A Mascot to represent the Proudly SA Brand

We were honoured to be chosen to conceptualize and bring to life a mascot that embodies the values and ideals of Proudly South African (Proudly SA). Our creative journey began with a simple, yet impactful idea: a shopping tag character that resonates with people. The process started with pencil and paper, sketching and rigorous brainstorming and iterations.

We went on to develop concepts we were proud to present to the client. With a few refinements, we progressed to designing and modelling the character in 2D, ensuring it included all necessary textures and accessories for an engaging look to bring our character to life.

A Mascot that speaks to the people

Following the drawing design phase we develop a 2d rendition of the mascot which we present to the company. This process allows us to work on finer details easily and get the character/mascot perfect for the client and their needs.

A character that has versatility

Our approach:
Conceptualization: We transformed the approved 2D sketches into initial 3D models using industry-leading software.

Modelling: The character was sculpted in 3D, focusing on capturing the essence and charm of the original design while ensuring structural integrity.

Texturing: Realistic textures were applied to the model, including fabric patterns, colours, and other surface details to enhance visual appeal.

Rigging: The model was rigged with a digital skeleton, enabling it to move naturally and interact with various environments.

Rendering: High-quality renders were created from multiple angles, showcasing the mascot in different poses and settings.

A mascot loved by the people

Proudly South Africa’s mission is to influence local procurement in both public and private sectors, enhance local production, and encourage consumers to buy local to stimulate job creation.

Our mascot embodies this mission, serving as a beloved symbol that promotes and celebrates local pride and economic growth. The mascot as he exist in the real world was named Lolo (an abbreviation of “Love Local”) Warona (“ours”) by the people of South Africa.